Hi, I am Elnura – a digital health advocate.

Five years ago, I decided to start doing things that fulfill me instead of just following the crowd. Since then, I’ve stopped looking forward to weekends. Because every day, whether it’s Monday or Saturday, is a great day to do something I am passionate about.

I am co-founder of yoganect, a passionate entrepreneur, follower of a healthy lifestyle and am enthusiastic about opportunities technology offers. I speak at various events where I share my experience about startup life, raise money talking to investors and VCs, and support female entrepreneurship as well as the positive force of technology by managing FOMO & distractions.


Being an entrepreneur has given me the incredible experience of learning while doing. As my businesses have launched and grown, I have learned that customer feedback is invaluable, the ability to ask for support does not hurt and that having a great network is the key. But building resilience has been the most crucial skill in my business experience.


My passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and my fascination with digital technology inspired me to bring them together. I believe the force of technology is ultimately positive when used mindfully, by managing my distractions and habits by directing them towards my productivity and wellbeing. I also advocate healthy & mindful living without isolating myself from the great power of technology.


I speak primarily about my own experience on launching and growing a business. I have learned much from numerous pitches, talking to investors & VCs, raising money for startups, and the ability to pivot and persevere based on Lean Startup Method. I also enjoy sharing my experiences on embracing the positive force of technology to live a healthier and mindful life.

"Resilience is crucial in engaging with investors, customers and market shares."

Elnura Ashimova

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